Schriever AFB Wellness Visit , Colorado

Start Date: 03/03/2020


The 50th Space Wing at Schriever AFB in Colorado Springs is a component of U.S. Space Force and home to 8000 men and women dedicated to our safety and protection. We visit them once a month as part of a Violence Prevention, stress release opportunity. After getting base passes we were escorted to a non-restricted building and were welcomed by many staff, so happy to see our dogs again. They asked questions about HOPE and thanked us repeatedly for the ongoing visits. From there we entered a restricted area building and Jessica positioned us in a high traffic hallway where the dogs were available to anyone going to the cafeteria. She initiated the program at Schriever and steadily 'tweaks' our visit to achieve the best opportunity for the most airmen to engage. Like a joyous carnival barker she would solicit anyone in earshot to take a minute for a "pet break". Additionally she recorded the actual number of contacts made which is a big help to us and also helps validate the program to her superiors. She's a delight and so very eager to make our HOPE visits count. Many of the men and women asked for the dog's trading cards, wanting to add to their collection from previous visits. We felt very proud and privileged to watch Lyrrik and Grace be of service at this very fast paced, dedicated facility.

Agency: Schriever AFB Violence Prevention Integrator

Lee Fernholz & Grace