Schriever Space Force

Start Date: 2022-05-16

Description: Jessica is the Civilian, Violence Prevention Integrator and Suicide Prevention co-ordinator at Schriever Space Force Base and asked for our teams to come in to support groups in addition to those working in the most critical areas. Right now many groups are supporting efforts in Europe and the Ukraine. While suicide is down in the most critical areas/groups it is still high in other areas, in part as the resources were focused on the most critical areas. Now it is time to focus on the other groups who do work as vital as the critical groups. Janice, Lucas, Lee and Grace visited offices in an admin building, while Sandy, Mack and I took position in the main hall of the restricted access building where personnel had to pass on their way to the cafeteria. It was amazing to see how many personnel needed just a minute from their hectic day to take time with our dogs. You could see them just take a breathe and re-group, a couple came back for a second visit. Hopefully, we made the difference for just a moment for these folks.

Agency: Schriever Space Force Command
Teams: Janice Mann and Lucas, Lee Fernholz and Grace