Self-Care Event for Mesa Public Schools

Start Date: 2021-04-30

Description: HOPE teams were invited out by Dr. Valenzuela to a "Self-Care" event put on for all the School Counselors and Social Workers in the Mesa School District. A reminder that in taking care of others, we need to remember to take care of ourselves. There was massages, meditation areas, fitness center booth, and other self-care booths set up, and of course our wonderful HOPE dogs giving out love and comfort to all who stopped by to see them. Many School District officials, School Principals, and Counselors/Social Workers stopped by, so was a great opportunity to talk about HOPE AACR and help get the word out there to the community. We had HOPE AACR brochures and our Dog's cards to pass out to everyone interested as well. The "M" Teams - Maxx, Maggi and Manda were a hit.

Agency: Mesa Public Schools
Teams: Sybil Smith and Maggie, Jamie Deppey and Manda