Seneca Valley High School -- Harmony, Pennsylvania (Day Three)

Start Date: 2021-12-22

Description: This campus contained what seem like a number of buildings, each for different grades. While all of our teams initially met in the parking lot, the other teams all went to other buildings. Shellie and I went in one building, with Team Leader Ryleigh going back and forth. While it had been explained that students would be encouraged to come visit with us, it seem that we really just were left to hang around the library, and then the cafeteria. Visits were whatever, whenever. The lack of simulation, coupled with two very tired little dogs, seem like they were not interested. Perhaps a more active approach, like we had our first visits, Monday, going into classrooms, might have been more simulating.

Agency: Seneca Valley High School
Teams: Shellie Goldstein & Emma / Cecelia Peterson & Hamish / Debbie Hutchins & Mily