Seneca Valley School District, Harmony, PA

Start Date: 2021-12-06

Description: We were requested by the Seneca Valley School District to be present on the Monday after the funeral of a student who had committed suicide. There were two groups of teams present, each with a Team Leader, positioned in two different buildings on campus. Our group consisted of three dog/handler teams and myself as team leader. Our teams interacted with students in the lobby area and near the guidance counselor's office in the High School building. Students were able to stop between classes or during study halls, or were excused from class to visit with the dogs if they felt the need to do so. There were several repeat visitors, and several students who spent significant time with the dogs. Cece/Hamish and John/Finnegan are new HOPE members. Their dogs were ready for a break at about 90 minutes. They were able to rest and recharge quietly in the Guidance Counselors' offices, and were able to continue their outstanding work. I think both dog/handler teams are a great addition to HOPE! Sue/Talon, our veteran team, also took a break - Talon seemed to really, really enjoy his "massage appointment" with the students and was a big hit! I'm glad they were with us to set the example.

Agency: Seneca Valley School District
Teams: Sue Herman and Talon, Cecelia Peterson and Hamish, John Knauer and Finnegan