Sexual Assault trial, Bozeman Montana

Start Date: 08/25/2020


We were asked to come a sit with victims and family members who were to testify in a sexual assault trial. Nancy and Yuki arrived at 9 on Tuesday morning and interacted with the mother of the victims before she had to go in to testify. After her testimony, she and her parents came into the Victim Services to decompress and Yuki offered comfort and attention. The trial was adjourned for lunch . Carol and Maggie arrived at 1 p.m. to spend the afternoon with the two victims, who were testifying that afternoon and the next morning. The family members spent the afternoon in the courtroom . After a break, they were all very happy to see Maggie. The younger sister was called in to testify. Carol and Maggie visited with the older sister, who said she wished Maggie could come into the courtroom with her. They finished at about 4:30. The next morning Carol and Maggie came back at 9 a.m. and the younger sister finished her testimony. Then the older sister went to testify. After an hour they came back to the office so the older sister could compose herself. She was very upset and Maggie went to her for comfort. She hugged Maggie and gradually calmed down. She then was able to return to the courtroom. At about 12:30, everyone came back to the office and said that the prosecution had finished and the defense rested. The trial was over. Everyone was very relieved . After more interaction with Maggie, everyone went home.

Agency: Victim Services, Law and Justice Center

Carol Baumann & Maggie
Nancy Dodd & Yuki