Six Flags mass vaccination center

Start Date: 2021-05-10

Description: Anonymous donor wanted to make contribution to buy food for staff at this mass vax center. Government regulation do not allow this, as donor is in leadership of group receiving this treat. Matter went to Maryland Emergency Management Agency, to came to Maryland VOAD, who came to me, as our Vice Chair, and local business owner. I was able to deflect the monetary transfer through our VOAD funds, as those mission statements are a lot closer to disaster relief, than our organization's. I was also able to arrange for seventy pizzas to be delivered at a great price. We discovered that we were also the people to hand out the pizza slices to the 260 staff members. While our dogs were not included, yet, they were right outside the door, in their crates, in the car. Lots of staff asked to see them. We have now been invited to do the same thing, at the Cal Ripkin mass vax center, with the dogs, this Friday.

Agency: National Guard
Teams: None