State Court Administration Office, Colorado

Start Date: 11/20/2019


The State Court Administration Office is experiencing some leadership changes and some other things that are causing some emotional distress for the staff. They requested we come for some comfort and support. We arrived and were quickly greeted by a staff member who took us right up to the rooms we were going to be in. Some staff had already arrived and the rest came in waves until they were all there. We were spread out between a long hallway and a large room. So we put teams in each area. We were greeted with such enthusiasm and so many people shared how helpful this experience was for them. Many said to us, "This is JUST what we needed!", or "This completely made my day!" It was amazing to see everyone connecting with one another as well as with the teams. There was a lot of positive conversation and laughter during our time with them. The energy in the rooms was very lively and positive. Some staff sat on the floor with the dogs for long periods of time while petting the dogs and talking with the handlers. Lunch was served and after all the staff had gotten their lunch, we were invited in to get some lunch as well. We were very grateful for that. This was a fun deployment for everyone.

Agency: State Court Administration Office

Janice Mann & Lucas, Marie Carlson & Timmy, Lee Fernholz & Grace, Karen Klein & Sarah, Dawn Griebelbauer & Keeper