STEM School Lock Down Drill, Colorado

Start Date: 01/29/2020


The STEM school had a fatal shooting last May and so they have a lock down drill to practice what to do in case of an active shooter, or ??? emergency. While this is good to practice it causes the students to revisit their fears and grief. When we entered the building we were escorted to the office where we sat in a darkened inner room while the drill took place. Afterwards we met with students of the middle school and high school. At the high school where I was we were in an area close to the cafeteria with couches. A teacher allowed 5 or so students in at a time. This was great as the dogs weren't overwhelmed and the students got to spend more individual time with the dogs. There were two girls in particular that were extremely upset and crying. They stayed longer and by the end were no longer crying and were smiling!

Agency: STEM School

Karen Klein & Sarah, Lee Fernholz & Grace, Janice Mann & Lucas