STEM School Lock-down Highlands Ranch, CO

Start Date: 08/28/2019


We were asked to be present at the Stem School for the first lock-down drill of the year since the shooting. We were there to offer support to the staff and students.
We arrived and were ushered in to get our ID's . We were placed in a room with another team of therapy dogs. Where we waited during the lock down . After 20 minutes , we were escorted to the high school . All of the dogs in the room were well mannered and handlers had good control of their dogs. The other therapy group with their dogs went to the middle school and elementary school.
We were lead to the cafeteria in the high school and placed in a comfortable space where the student came in and were comforted by the dogs.
Dawn and Keeper were asked to go into the counseling office where they met with a couple of students having a difficult time. Serena went with her. Sandy was out with us in the cafeteria.
Students gathered around the dogs and petted them , some comforting each other asking if they were okay. The students were so happy to see the dogs and enjoyed their time with them as did the staff.
This was a difficult day for all. We were asked if could come back on the anniversary of the shooting. Which was really special, we know our dogs did good work to be asked to come back. Having team leads was valuable for us.

Agency: Stem High School

Janice Mann & Lucas , Dawn Griebelbauer & Keeper, Shirley Abbott & Lyrrik