Student Death

Start Date: 02/13/2022


A fifth grade student died suddenly due to an unknown medical issue. The Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District (EUPISD) has a crisis response team in place for the 20 school districts comprising the EUPISD. HOPE is a member of the team. As such, we are requested anytime a school in the EUPISD requests assistance. We were notified on 2/12/22 and briefed on the deployment.

Team Ischgl and Charles deployed to the school on Sunday, 2/13/22 with the EUPISD team and met with the faculty as they processed the death and planned strategies for the next day. Teams gave comfort to those staff present. We did a meet and greet the next morning as the students entered the building. We then deployed to the combined 5th grade classes while the teacher read a prepared announcement of the death. During the course of the day, we deployed to various classrooms, counseling officers, and hallways during class changes.

Agency: Tahquamenon Area Schools

Karen Alvord and Charles