Student Death - ISD Learning Center (MI)

Start Date: 04/17/2019


The Learning Center is a school for children from 2.5 years old - 26 years old with mild to severe learning disabilities. A older student choked while at school. The student did not respond to medical efforts. The student had been in a coma for days when the decision was made to remove the student from life support. The students did not know the reason for the HOPE deployment due to their limitations but truly enjoyed interacting with the dogs. The staff were comforted .by the dogs. The director contacted me after the deployment concluded and said “Our teachers and aides commented that they just felt “lighter” today and they loved seeing our kids reacted to the dogs and how they talked about how “cute” they were.” “What you do is truly a gift of hope and we were very grateful for your thoughtful support for our school family.” We worked with deaf, blind and wheelchair bound children.

Agency: Delta Schoolcraft ISD Learning Center

Kelly December & Daisy