Student Death; Lakeview, Michigan

Start Date: 10/31/2019


HOPE responded to the sudden death of a senior at Lakeview High School in Lakeview, MI. We met for a briefing with the administration and counselors from the school district and Intermediate School District prior to the start of the school day. Our teams covered the entrances of the building for a “meet and greet” of the students as they entered the school. We staged in the Media Center and we were present as students met with counselors one-on-one and small group grief sessions throughout the day along with the Police liaisons officer. We walked the halls and were available to students and staff during classroom time and passing time. It was Halloween and many students were in costumes, however, the dogs did not exhibit any outward stress symptoms to the outfits. We handed out our trading cards to students during the day which they treasured.
Even though the death occurred a few days prior to our arrival, there was a need for our presence. We had an impact especially during the three lunch periods. Students were able to interact with the dogs in the hallway coming and leaving the lunchroom. The student who died had been attending the Career Center in the morning and high school in the afternoon. We made sure to be at the entrance and make contact with the students when the Career Center bus arrived at the high school.

Agency: Lakeview High School; Lakeview, Michigan

Bob Starr & Oliver, Michigan/Becky Engelter & Ella, Michigan/Anna Martin & Maggie, Michigan