Student Suicides - Seneca Valley High School

Start Date: 2021-12-22

Description: SVHS was hit with 2 student suicides within 2 weeks. After a previous deployment, HOPE was asked back to the school to have teams in the different schools on campus. We were then informed that there had been weapons/bomb threats and due to that, the school went virtual the Friday before we deployed. We had 2 dogs, Emma & The Bear in the Intermediate High, Cece & Hamish in the Senior High, and Debbie & Mily in the Middle School. With dog teams in 3 different schools on campus, we were able to connect with a very high number of students, who all seemed to positively benefit from the presence of the dogs.

Agency: Hope AACR
Teams: Cece Peterson & Hamish, Debbie Hutchins & Mily, Burton Goldstein & The Bear, Shellie Goldstein & Emma