SUNY New Paltz

Start Date: 2019/12/18

Description: The Library holds a de-stress for finals event every semester. There is food, councilors, some events e.g. toss the ring for prizes) and now therapy dogs!!. Sandy and I took up a post in the main library and were busy all afternoon with students that wanted to talk but mostly sit on the floor with Sandy and "play" with her. She mostly just took in the petting and hugging and kissing and returned the love. She was in heaven and there was an abundance of smiles and happy faces. A few times when things were slow we would walk through the aisles and visit one on one but there were very few opportunities to leave the center. We have a great time, I even saw some of my students. The staff was very pleased with Sandy's demeanor and work. We have already be asked to come back and I will work on getting other dogs invited too - the library is very large and it would be easy to have more stations.

Agency: SUNY Library
Teams: none