Teacher Death Virtual Deployment MI

Start Date: 12/15/2020


On December 14th, a Sault Ste. Marie High School teacher died suddenly. HOPE teams were requested by the ISD Crisis Response team to participate in a virtual deployment since the school was only virtually in session. This was the first use of a virtual response setting by the ISDCRT. Using ZOOM, several breakout rooms were established: one for high school students, one for middle school students, and several more unassigned rooms held in reserve. A HOPE team was assigned to the each active room along with two counselors. The other teams were held in reserve and rotated in and out of the rooms to relieve the other teams as necessary. The plan was as students entered ZOOM, they would be assigned to appropriate breakout room. While students were encouraged by teachers to use the resources in the ISDCRT, none ultimately took advantage of the room.

Agency: Eastern Upper Peninsula (MI) Intermediate School District

Julia Meier and Ischgl; Angie Moe and Sunny; Katy Davis and Sunny; Bob Starr and Oliver; Gloria VanAlstine and Romeo/Juliet; Brenda Ransom and Raven