Trial Support, Bozeman, Montana

Start Date: 10/20/2020


HOPE was asked to provide support to the victim, her family and other witnesses, during a severe sexual abuse trial. Each team spent 2 hours at the Victim Services Office in Gallatin County. The first team was there Tuesday afternoon and the other 3 teams were there at different hours on Wednesday.

The victim's parents, sister and friends were with her throughout the two days. They provided amazing support during a very difficult time. Most of the testimony was given on Wednesday, with the victim having to testify twice. The tension in the waiting room was palatable.

These folks were dog people though so when each team arrived, they were greeted warmly and smiles replaced the worries and tension. We each spent time talking about dogs and various topics that helped everyone let go of, at least for a few minutes, their worries.

The staff in the office were also very welcoming and took time to stop and greet the dogs. They kept everyone updated on what was happening in the courtroom and who would testify next. When the victim returned from her second time testifying, Nancy and Yuki were there to comfort and support her as she was very upset.

Agency: Victims' Serivices

Katherine & Layla; Gail & Lamar; Nancy & Yuki