Tulare CSET Attack

Start Date: 2021-11-02

Description: An employee at the Tulare Community Serving Employment Training Office had been assaulted and seriously injured. In addition two other employees had been injured when coming to the aid of the first. The office is a close knit community, and the assault brought shock and stress. A therapist had been in the week before and will be returning. HOPE was called in as a further avenue of support. We were stationed in a small room used for computer training. Employees from the main office and the Youth Dept. came in individually and in small groups, six at the most. Many sat on the floor, petting Star, some not, each seeming free to interact as he or she chose. People shared about their own dogs. Overall, the atmosphere was quiet and gentle; people seemed at ease. Several commented on their stress levels going down. Star was the perfect dog for the assignment - content to lie down with folks, get her belly rubbed, pawtograph her cards. Her being so peaceful and receptive was just what folks seemed to need.

Agency: Tulare Community Serving Employment Training Office
Teams: Bari Boersma/Star