US Coast Guard Resilience Fair

Start Date: 2019/09/21

Description: The three teams all arrived within a few minutes of each other and we gathered in the parking lot to wait for our escort. Once we were escorted to the building, we found there was a large room for the resilience fair with a HOPE designated table. We put on our gumby and set up the table with what we had including a HOPE blanket, brochures and trading cards. The fair started at 9:30 but unfortunately, it was not well attended, with only a few people showing up. The HOPE teams ended up going out in the field to visit people on the base, including attending a uniform inspection for the incoming chiefs. We brought a little bit of stress relief during a very stressful inspection. We also were able to interact with the audience. After the formal event ended, we walked two separate buildings on base and greeted those that were working. We were also privileged to be invited into the command center with the dogs. Between this and the uniform inspection, these are very rare occurrences for civilians to witness.

Agency: US Coast Guard
Teams: Connie Clark-Redmond & Zelda, Ailynn Knox-Collins & Lady Rose