VA Beach Municipal Building Shooting

Start Date: 06/13/2019


We met at 7:30 am for a brief debriefing, updates, and assignments. We were teamed up with a therapist and sent to walk around and talk to people. The engineering team was being moved and doubling up in offices was required. Many space issues were raised. We went through the main building at 3500 and several trailers and smaller buildings.

We met again with the engineers and the admin staff who were those who directly saw or heard what had happened. Today, everyone wanted to talk. I think they realized they were not going to be able to work until their emotions were sorted out. This was a very raw day. A lot of crying, shaking and sadness. Not as much anger as earlier days. People were begin to talk among themselves and were putting pieces of the story together and seeing where their story fit into the whole.


J Wagner and Uno, D Dunbar and Murray, L Morissette and Pepper