Vardaman Elementary Student Death

Start Date: 2020-12-17

Description: On December 9, 2020, as they got off a loaded school bus, a seven-year-old student and another child were hit by an out-of-control 18-wheeler. The seven-year-old died on the scene, the other child suffered severe injuries. A HOPE team responded during the time frame of the funeral. The team visited the deceased child's classroom for a long visit and then did shorter visits at the other classes at that grade level. The team then moved to another room where, two or three at a time, other children who were affected by the tragedy were brought in to visit with the team. Teachers also came in and visited at that time. The team was invited to return (COVID cases depending) after school was back in session after the holidays. Two teachers were very interested in learning about therapy dog work in a school context, so they were advised as to how to become therapy dog teams.

Agency: Vardaman Elementary School
Teams: None