Virginia Beach Bayside Area Library and Special Services Library

Start Date: 2022/05/21

Description: As part of the overall Virginia Beach therapy visits, TJ and I were assigned to visit the Bayside Library which specializes in Special Services. We visited in a conference room with about 10 folks who were blind or sight impaired and were there for a set of classes. They had just finished their Tai Chi class and then we visited with them and their teachers for about 40 mins. A few folks even talked about their past seeing eye guide dogs and all really enjoyed petting and touching TJ. We then spent the rest of the time in the main part of the library visiting with staff (about 5 folks) and the drivers (4) for the sight impaired teams. We also met one of the library staff and her guide dog which went well. We received a great email from the library staff later thanking us for the visit!

Agency: Virginia Beach Municipal Govt - Library
Teams: Sylvia and TJ only