Virginia Beach

Start Date: 06/14/2019


We were first deployed to the main building at 3500 Dam Neck Rd but as there were 2 dogs already present, we were rerouted after 30 minutes to another building 3 miles away - the former school Building.
We arrived there at 9 am and stayed in t he lobby area at the "dog table" where people could come by and spend time with the dog as needed. After that we went into the other areas - call center and law offices to visit people while they worked at their desks. Spumoni posed in many selfies, absorbed some tears, performed some tricks - including delivering tissues to people.At about 12:30. "MK" the volunteer coordinator came to ask us to visit Bldg 1, as some people there had been directly involved in in the incident were there and asking for dog support.We spent about a half hour there absorbing more tears and doing tricks.

Agency: Virginia Beach Public Works

Laurie Morrisette, JoAnne Wagoner and Uno (others scheduled at different times of the day - we were alone in our building at our time)