Waverly, TN Flood August 2021

Start Date: 2021-08-24

Description: The original deployment requested HOPE teams at the three shelters, and high school to provide support to the staff. After arriving, teams were then asked to also visit at various locations, including the MARC, VOAD center, and EOC. Interactions included survivors of the flood, emergency responders, volunteers, and guests at the hotel. Teams listened to stories of survival and fear, provided a safe area to cry, acted as an ear when venting was needed, and were the quiet presence when no words were necessary. At the hotel, two dogs were giving their owner a chase. Kira Barnwell herded one of the dogs to safety, so the owner was able to corral the other. Mark and Kira provided a welcome respite to both staff and guests at the hotel. Because of the arrival of a new storm, the planned high school visits were cancelled. Total travel time: 45.75 hours Total time: 96 hours

Agency: Tennessee Department of Health via TEMA/VOAD
Teams: Rita Doyle, Jane Farmer, Mark Barnwell