Whittier Elementary School - Death of Principal

Start Date: 02/17/2021


This was a follow-up deployment from the day before, when Gail and Lamar visited Whittier Grade School following the death of their principal.
We were at the school office. We were accompanied through most of the classrooms, starting with kindergarten. We visited every classroom through the 5th grade. In the hallways we interacted with staff and teachers as well as the children going to and from recess.
Many of the children asked about Lamar, as he and Gail had also been in each classroom on Tuesday. (Lamar clearly made an impression!)
The children were excited to interact with Maggie. We walked around each room and gave each child a chance to pet her and ask questions. After an hour or so Maggie was telling me she needed a break. We went outside and walked up and down the sidewalk. When we returned, she showed more energy and went back to work!
Following visits to each classroom I sat on a bench outside the office and close to where the children ate lunch. We had many more interactions during this final hour of our deployment - both with children and adults.
This principal was much admired and respected and liked by the teachers and staff. Some of the adults were clearly still struggling with this unexpected loss of their leader.

Agency: Bozeman Public Schools