Yes Academy, TX

Start Date: 10/11/2021


HOPE teams were requested to be at Yes Prep for the return of students to school on Monday Oct. 11 following the shooting of principal Dexter Kelsey at the school on Oct 1. He is recuperating at home. Our four teams met with the school public relations spokesperson and local news media at a park near the school at 7:45 to record interviews about HOPE and our purpose in being at the school for the students' return. All three local TV news stations included stories in their broadcasts that day, as did the local NPR radio station. The Houston Chronicle published a picture of teams on Tuesday. Visits with students and staff took place in classrooms, hallways, the lunchroom, and outside during lunchtime. Special scheduling for the students focused on time spent together in non-academic activities with opportunities for conversations, information, and assistance from mental health counselors, and visits with the HOPE dogs.

Agency: YES Prep Southwest

Gwen Leever and Pickle Juice, Sally Farley and Grace