Camp Quality (OH) Virtual Visit

Start Date: 07/28/2020


HOPE Teams have been deploying to Camp Quality in Ohio for several years. However, because of the pandemic, that was not possible. HOPE received a request for virtual visits this week and Team Kayak and Team Ischgl deployed virtually to the camp.

This was our first attempt at a virtual visit and it went very well. The camp sent a ZOOM link and log in information and we had no trouble logging on. There was some trepidation on our part about doing a virtual visit, but the camp and our OH State Coordinator, Whitney Romine, did a fine job of facilitating the activity. I believe that virtual visits can become an integral part of our HOPE activities.

We even had the opportunity to introduce our new 10 week old golden retriever puppy Blizzard to the group.

Agency: Camp Quality (OH)

Nicholas Meier and Kayak
Julia Meier and Ischgl