5th District Medical Response Coalition Monthly Meeting (MI)

Start Date: 09/10/2019


This was the monthly meeting of the 5th District Medical Response Coalition [5DMRC], which covers several counties in southwest Michigan. Roughly 60 individuals were present (with around an additional 10 on livestream), representing various medical personnel, first responders, and mental health practitioners. The meeting was held at the Western Michigan Homer Stryker School of Medicine in downtown Kalamazoo. Nick and Julia Meier presented to this group last March and several of the coalition members expressed interest in HOPE at that time. The welcome was equally warm this time around. Rick Winters, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for the 5DMRC, introduced us at the start of the meeting and indicated that he'd like us to present at an upcoming meeting as a refresher of what HOPE can offer. Rick has also offered an open invitation to any canine teams and team leaders who would like to attend their "rapid hospital system deployment" open house on Tuesday, Oct. 8. More details to come.

Agency: 5th District Medical Response Coalition

Angie Moe and Sunny