5th District Medical Response Coalition Rapid Hospital System Deployment (MI)

Start Date: 10/08/2019


MWR HOPE teams were invited to observe and take part in an annual deployment of Michigan's 5th District Medical Response Coalition's rapid hospital system. The exercise involved approximately two dozen volunteers, primarily from local medical facilities, and was aimed at demonstrating the capacities of an impromptu inflatable medical center. The volunteers met in a parking lot of Kalamazoo Valley Community College in Kalamazoo, MI to learn their roles and participate in the exercise. HOPE teams arrived when the tents and accompanying equipment were being unloaded and observed the entire set-up, which occurred much more swiftly than the organizers planned (49 minutes vs the 2 hour projection). We were then invited to tour the facility and listen to the debriefing. We were warmly welcomed and many of the participants were interested in learning more about HOPE and how we could compliment their efforts in the event of an actual large scale medical emergency. This was an excellent networking opportunity. We mingled for quite some time within the interior of the medical unit and then were invited to dine with the other participants in a catered lunch.

Agency: 5th District Medical Response Coalition (MI)

Carrie Jones & Darby; Gloria VanAlstine & Romeo; Kay Rice & Maia; Katy Davis & Sunny; Vicki VanDenBurgh & Andy