Amtrak Employee Assistance Program (EAC)

Start Date: 07/23/2019


Oakland (along with Sacramento) are the most frequent areas for "Trespasser Strikes" (train vs. pedestrian or car) almost always resulting in one or more fatalities. As a result, Amtrak employees experience recurrent exposures to these incidents. Consequently, their Employee Assistance Program (EAC) manager requested HOPE dog teams to meet with both their on-site employees as well as train crews checking in and out of the crew base during a mid-day appreciation lunch.

Kathy Felix and Cody, and Molly and I circulated inside and outside of the crew base interacting with the managers, base employees, and train engineers, conductors, and other on-train staff. The reception was enthusiastic and warm.

The estimated number of interactions was 30-40.

Agency: Amtrak

Kathy Felix/Cody