AZ VOAD Meeting

Start Date: 11/04/2019


Extremely informative meeting with several different speakers. We heard from an FBI special victims agent who is stationed in Phoenix. We learned that there 80 agents placed throughout the country who are trained to depoly to active shooter scenarios. We also learned about the Phoenix Royal Palms Baptist Church Food service and were able to explore their traveling kitchen which can accommodate up to 500 meals. If a real disaster occurs, their onsite kitchen can serve up to 5,000 meals which can be shipped out to the area in need. There is also an incredible website up produced by the Red Cross, with organizations that may be of help in a disaster. Here's how it works: Go to and enter your zip code. If you are in Phoenix, you will find 1,913 free or reduced cost programs. Filter by category or other factors to find the program you need. Formation of Maricopa County COAD was also celebrated.

We also discussed formative preparations for hosting the National VOAD conference here in Phoenix the week of May 18, 2020

Everyone loved the dogs. I introduced our new members and explained that we now have two teams in Flagstaff.

Agency: AZ VOAD

Stephanie Clark and Parker, Jane Huff and Sybil Smith