Big Sky EMS Symposium, Montana

Start Date: 11/08/2019


This is a two day conference held in Billings. Layla and I attended the first day. There were over 200 participants. We were constantly greeted with much enthusiasm and gratitude. Harry has been attending this conference with a poster for several years but it was the first time a team could also be present. He felt it made a huge difference in interest and interaction. Once again reminding us of the power of a dog’s presence. We also showed the HOPE video which really consolidated our message!
So many people not only wanted to meet and greet Layla, but wanted to share stories and photos of their dogs.
As a fun sideline, Layla and I were invited to get in the helicopter (it wasn’t moving). Something new for us.

Agency: St Vincent’s Health Care, Billings Clinic/Health Care and American Medical Response

Harry Schlitz(TL)