Animal Kindness Seminar - Borland (MI)

Start Date: 06/10/2019


We were invited to participate in "Animal Kindness Seminar" at Borland Elementary School grades 3-5. We visited several classrooms to familiarize students with the Mission of HOPE and meet the dogs. There were a total of 16 dogs from various agencies with various roles. This included HOPE, Paradise Rescue, Paws with a Cause, Therapy Dog Organizations, Dog training programs, dog safety and treat bags including our coloring pages for the students. After the classroom visits all the dogs and handlers lined up along the hallways as all the students entered the gym/auditorium for an assembly. Each facet did a presentation during the 45 minute assembly. Gloria spoke about HOPE and the important role of therapy dogs and Bob and Oliver did a stroller and hula hoop trick show that brought down the house.

Agency: Borland Elementary School

Gloria VanAlstine and Romeo, Bob Starr and Oliver