Child Abuse Trial

Start Date: 2019/08/08

Description: Trial for child abuse case - Gabby, one of the counselor's at Juvenile Services, sent this email out to her co-workers after court so thought I'd share what she wrote. Jazzi also did amazing in the courtroom while the youth testified, she is so appreciated and valued. I'm so proud of my lovely little dog. Gabby's email: "I’m in my office a few feet away listening while I work and just popped my head around the corner and saw the most adorable thing: Victim, victim’s little sister, and Jazzy the therapy dog all playing barbies together (LITERALLY!) in the Victim Services waiting room while they wait for hours as the trial goes on. This may be one of the few moments in which the kids really get to act like kids, and it’s just as precious as ever in the midst of an extremely stressful situation which is part of a much sadder, long-term overall family dynamic as I see it. Just wanted to let you know how beneficial this is, given how hard everything is right now." These counselor's are amazing and see so many difficult things everyday, I was very touched by her comments. Liz & Jazzi

Agency: Washington County Juvenile Services
Teams: none