Crime Victim's Rights Resource Fair (MI)

Start Date: 04/08/2019


Crime Victims Right's Week Resource fair at Bay College (local community college)to inform students and staff of local agencies that provide services to people affected by crime,employment and volunteer opportunities in Delta County.

This resource fair was a good opportunity to make contacts with Bay College security director and other community members to let them know about HOPE AACR and hopefully be placed on their protocol list. Strong interest was shown by a few community members about joining HOPE.AACR. A staff member asked about HOPE AACR joining in future planned drills.

After we concluded the first day at the resource fair, Keena was contacted by a mother of a that had stopped at our table, The student has autism and college is a super struggle for the student. “He is going through so much and it's affecting him mentally and emotionally. He had to call me today to tell about the super sweet dogs there today. Bella and Charlie. He was so excited. “ “It really made his day, and gave him some happiness.” The student stopped by to get a dog fix again the second day of the fair. This was a successful activity on several levels.

Agency: Delta County Prosecutor's Office

Keena Jones & Bella