Elkhart County COAD Meeting (IN)

Start Date: 08/12/2019


Team Trouper was invited to attend the first official Elkhart County COAD Meeting, which was held at the United Way of Elkhart. Organizational details were discussed and a complimentary lunch was provided. Team Trouper volunteered to be part of the executive committee and will be working alongside of the other committee members to finalize the organizational details of this newly-formed COAD.

Director Tobey singled Trouper out as one of the communities greatest assets in the emotional recovery of those affected by crises and disaster and publicly welcomed Team Trouper as new members.

Trouper brought many smiles and was very well received. He did well at ignoring the tasty food on the tables and stayed focused on interacting with the people.

Agency: Elkhart County Emergency Management

Christine Schaubert and Trouper