Elkhart County Emergency Management Presentation

Start Date: 07/30/2019


Nick and I gave a joint power point presentation on HOPE AACR. Director Tobey asked many engaging questions before, during, and after the presentation and showed a high level of interest in having HOPE Teams participate in future training drills and crisis response.

HOPE AACR Teams have been invited by Director Tobey to participate in an upcoming Emergency Drill at Fulton County Airport on Thursday, August 29, 2019.

Director Tobey also invited Trouper and me to attend the next local COAD meeting in Plymouth, IN on August 8, 2019.

This strategic meeting with Director Tobey may have been a groundbreaking event for HOPE AACR in Elkhart County and we are excited to see what opportunities will be available as a result.

Agency: Elkhart County Emergency Management

Nicholas Meier & Ischgl; Julia Meier & Kayak; Christine Schaubert and Trouper