Start Date: 2019/06/21

Description: Started with a tour of the Erie emergency services building. On Saturday we had a session with a counselor on how best to engage children with our dogs. She discussed the importance of not using questions because questions such as, "Where do you go to school?" can bring up negative feelings and memories. We also had the opportunity to acclimate our dogs to being on the water in boats. The Boarder Patrol took the teams out for a ride in their boats. On Sunday we had a lecture on allergies that affect our dogs by a veterinarian, following that we learned how to destress our dogs through massage. The afternoon found us at the Waldamere Amusement Park. The dogs were a big hit and they all seemed to tolerate the confusion and noise quite well. We celebrated the end of a successful drill by taking the dogs to the beach for a swim.

Agency: HOPE EUS
Teams: Arlene, Donte; Melanie, Casimir; Sue, Talon; Burton, the Bear; Shellie, Emma; Doug, Murray; Carol, Remington; Glenn, Glory; Trish, Abby; Amos, Liberty; Judy, Mariah; Yvonne, Chevy; Ardis, Murphy; Marcia, Sassy; Tami, Remington; Diane, Cosette; Pet, Dolce; Mark, Delfi; Ira, ObiWan; Joni, Muriel; Holly, Sasha; Sue, Liam