FBI Victim Specialists Presentation (IL)

Start Date: 01/13/2020


Thanks to Laura Fruci, Minnesota State Coordinator, contacts were made between Minnesota FBI Victim Services Division and Illinois FBI Victim Services Division. We were invited to give a presentation about HOPE. We did this as well as listened to their presentation about FBI response to victims of terrorism and mass violence. We made sure to bring along HOPE brochures as well as the informational sheets. HOPE was very well received and we were assured we would be contacted by them. Many, many contacts of other Agencies were suggested. They also asked if they could share the HOPE video with their contacts.

Agency: FBI

Connie Peterson, Susan Johansen and Sophia, Cathy Barnes and Anela, Julie Bereckis and Deke, Shay Jacobson and Tazer; Terri Rafter and Sweetie