Fido Fluent Camp

Start Date: 07/09/2019


We were invited to participate in an outside day camp for teens at an area County Animal Services. The teens were learning about the various roles dogs can assume and how to read canine body language so as to advocate for the dog. Terri gave a brief introduction about HOPE/our mission and the training involved to become a HOPE Team. We each introduced our dog, told a story about how our dog had helped/comforted/encouraged an individual(s) and then explained what our dog's individual stress signals might look like and how we respond when we see those signals. A question & answer session followed. Afterwards we each had our own designated spot where the teens could rotate through and interact with our dogs.

Agency: DuPage County Animal Services, Wheaton, IL

Anne Albue & Roscoe, Amy Read & Buster, Cathy Barnes & Anela, Terri Rafter & Sweetie; Susan Johansen and Sophia