Flagstaff Kennel Club Membership Meeting

Start Date: 2020/01/08

Description: Flagstaff Kennel Club (FKC) asked Cinda and I to present on our experience going through the HOPE AACR application process, interview and workshop to achieve certification. Both Cinda and I are FKC Club members and are active in Pet Partners. It was important to demonstrate that HOPE AACR is a robust, thorough evaluation process for teams wanting to do crisis/disaster work work. We reviewed the agenda for all 3-days to demonstrate breath and scope of the training. We talked about being "on" from the time we reached the site each day. We talked about suitability of both dog and handler in managing close quarters for 3-days. We mentioned that not all teams made it to graduation. It was an eye-opener for several members. The members present appreciated the overview.

Agency: Flagstaff Kennel Club
Teams: Cinda Sawyer with Mr. Moose