Focus Script NCPDP Conference

Start Date: 2019/05/07

Description: This was the second year that we were invited by our sponsor, FocusScript, to attend the NCPDP Conference 5/7 and 5/8. We were very appreciative to receive a $2,000 HOPE donation again this year for our “pup petting” time with the attendees during their morning break. We again had a table with HOPE promotional materials and photo stands. Although the conference was well attended, the crowd seemed smaller than the previous year when there were over 650 registered attendees. We were also somewhat “sequestered” the first day prior to the break actually starting whereas last year, we mingled with people in our designated area before the actual sessions’ break time. That may have helped spread the word about the dogs and drawn more people during the break. Also, there was a conference in Las Vegas during the same time this year that competed for the same attendee population. We probably had half the number of visitors to our area than the past year. Still, we had many who enjoyed taking a break from their busy conference schedule to enjoy the company of the dogs, collect trading cards and take “selfies” with their newfound furry friends. We had the opportunity this year to meet the CEO of FocusScript who was very appreciative of our participation.

Agency: NCPDP (Nat’l Council for Prescription Drug Programs)
Teams: Beth Ells/Cinder/, Jamie Deppey/Manda, Marge McLeod/Napa, Marylou Jennings/Cricket, Victoria Cowper/ Diane Spence/Chole, Sharon Martin/Abby