Fort Bend County OEM/PIO Network Meeting

Start Date: 08/02/2019


HOPE AACR was invited to this meeting to further educate Fort Bend County OEM's of the services we offer. We were invited to this meeting by Lachlan Mullen, PIO. We met Lachlan at the Texas Emergency Management Conference in San Antonio in May and he wanted us to detail what our organization does for first responders and victims during crisis and disasters.
The meeting was attended by approximately 40 members from emergency management across Fort Bend County. We were very well received and everyone expressed they understood much better how crisis response teams were specially trained and prepared for crisis and disaster situations. We also met with Wesley Wittig, Executive Assistant District Attorney Fort Bend County. DA Wittig advised me that the trial for the shooter defendant, involved in the Santa Fe High School shooting last year, was being moved to Fort Bend County and he invited our teams to once again support the victims, school administrators, prosecutors and families during this trial process. The trial is currently set for January or February 2020. We will have teams attending each and every day we are invited to help.
Many officers stayed after the meeting to discuss further how our teams have been used in the past and how we can help in crisis situations. The discussions were detailed and very informative. Everyone seemed pleased to know they had HOPE AACR as a resource to help when needed. I handed out many of my business cards and brochures. I also met with Lisa LaDue with Americares and we discussed how our HOPE AACR teams could work with their mental health professionals during crisis and disasters. We made plans to meet and discuss this in more detail.

Agency: Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management