Gilbert Memorial Park Cemetery & Funeral Home Open House

Start Date: 2019/11/16

Description: Through a connection Diane Spence had with Lisa James, we were invited to participate in the first Open House of the first cemetery in Gilbert. The ribbon cutting with the Gilbert Mayor and Council Members had occurred the week before. This facility was built through a public/private partnership between the City of Gilbert and the Bunker family, well-known East Valley benefactors. They also included a HOPE photo on their social media promotions. Lisa indicated a donation would be made to the HOPE AACR organization by the partnership. We were met by Lisa who gave us a tour of the facility, introduced us to several members of the Bunker family and several staff members. The event was well attended and we mingled with the guests, handed out cards and answered questions about HOPE and how we might be of support during memorials and funerals.

Agency: Gordon C. James Public Relations
Teams: Beth Ells & Cinder