Goshen Community Schools Presentation

Start Date: 07/29/2019


Nick gave a 30 minute slide show presentation on HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis Response before the Goshen Community Schools Superintendent and seven other faculty members.

This presentation was given following a presentation by a Goshen Community School Counselor promoting the use of a therapy dog in her work as a school counselor. She is currently in process of training a puppy for that purpose and is seeking approval from the school to proceed with her plan. The current policy prohibits all dogs, except service dogs, from entering the schools.

Our presentation served as a reinforcement to the proven benefit of therapy dogs in the school setting and provided the faculty with helpful insight into how they might make provision for qualified therapy dog team and crisis response teams.

Agency: Goshen Community Schools

Nicholas Meier; Julia Meier; Christine Schaubert and Trouper