HOPE AACR presentation (virtually)

Start Date: 2021-04-12

Description: HOPE AACR presentation to Yellowstone County American Red Cross Disaster Action Team Members. This presentation came as a direct result of attending monthly ARC meetings here in Gallatin County and a guest ARC member from the eastern side of Montana being on the same virtual meeting. We tried to utilize one of HOPE's informational videos as an introductory opportunity, but neither of us could get that done. However, the 30 minute presentation went quite well. It was a small group of ARC members attending...about 6. I included information on our organization's history, Mission Statement, growth to 7 regions, and a brief summary of experiential and training requirements. Those data points were followed by examples of our work across our nation, region and state. I then offered examples of our work with past Red Cross requests for services and how our canines respond when working. I closed with questions from the group and information on how to reach out to us (nationally and within Montana).

Agency: American Red CRoss
Teams: Harry Schlitz