Introduction to Comfort Dogs

Start Date: 2019/06/10

Description: Karyn Cordner was invited to speak in the Simsbury CT Public Library adult evening education series. This is a vibrant, popular program that includes presentations by authors, astronomers, an Apollo 11 program veteran, a physician expert in mindfulness/meditation, a handwriting analyst, even bicycle repair. Karyn and Ned and Raven and Meg described and demonstrated how HOPE dogs provide comfort and encouragement to people affected by crises and disaster, how we are trained, where we have served, and the prerequisite therapy dog service. We distributed HOPE brochures and encouraged participants to check out the HOPE website (noting imminent major revision). The session was well-attended by over 30 participants, all dog lovers, including two staff members from the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation, a special needs teen who feared dogs and ended up smiling and petting Meg and Raven, and a delightful number of retirees who were intensely interested in suggestions on choosing and training a comfort dog. Discussions extended an hour past the scheduled allocated time, during which we were asked how to get started, which we explained, including Meg and Raven’s mutual AKC-certified therapy dog organization, Bright Spot Therapy Dogs.

Agency: Simsbury CT Public Library
Teams: Karyn Cordner and Raven