Presentation to Livingston School District, Montana

Start Date: 11/11/2019


Katherine noticed a recent article in the Livingston newspaper about a grant given to a group called L’Esprit . They will partner-with the Livingston Schools to provide crisis response. Todd Wester is the School District coordinator and contact for this planned partnership, as well as several others he mentioned. It was decided to contact him and make a presentation. Mary gave a very thorough presentation, accompanied by Katherine and Layla. He was also given a folder with brochures and pertinent iHOPE information. Todd was very receptive and interested in working with HOPE in the future. He may want another presentation to the group of people he works with. He said he would be in touch and Katherine will follow up with a phone.
Mary and Katherine both felt a very good connection was made.

Agency: Livingston School Destruct

Mary Martin (TL)