Joint drill with Pierce County Medical Reserve Corps Trauma Resilience Teams

Start Date: 2021-07-24

Description: The drill was a simulated response to a shooting at a restaurant with multiple victims. Our location (in Titlow Park) was set up as a site for families to gather to wait for information and for the return of their family members who were present at the restaurant at the time of the shooting. All teams except for Erin (Dublin) arrived around 7:30 and checked in. Erin is local so she arrived a bit later to serve first as a role player (woman who brought own dog to the site) and later as a team. There was a briefing at 8:00 and we were started doing the rotations by 8:30. Jill was coordinating the drill and Molly acted as an evaluator. In each rotation, there was one HOPE team, two TRT members, and one (or more) actor per each of two tents. I rotated them through with an eye towards giving the dogs different settings and adequate breaks. We did five rotations before a half hour break at 10:00 and six rotations afterwards. Water and snacks were available throughout. Masks were required throughout the entire event as a Covid precaution. There was a short debrief at the end and then folks helped to pack up the tables, chairs, etc. and checked out. During the rotations, the actors presented various scenarios such as an angry man wanting to take a taxi over to the shooting site to "get" the perpetrators, an anxious woman afraid of dogs, and the manager of the restaurant, worried about her business and her employees.

Agency: Pierce County Medical Reserve Corps
Teams: Mary Stratton (Beau), Janet Johnson (Rowdy), Sue Sheppard (Pepper), Debbie Cox (Cassie), Erin O'Hagan (Dublin). Jill Robinson and Molly Fischer were also present.