Katy Independent School District Patrol Meeting

Start Date: 09/25/2019


Nicole Emity heard our HOPE presentation given by Sally Farley earlier this month and she wanted us to present directly to KISD PD. KISD is a very large school district just outside the Houston city limits. We were asked to talk with the PD officers during their morning meeting before going on duty in the schools. The meeting was attended by approximately 60 officers who were very attentive and asked great questions. I talked for approximately 15 minutes so I gave them the main points of HOPE AACR training and how our teams are specifically trained and prepared for crisis and disaster situations. The officers understood the need for this additional training rather than the level of training and experience of therapy dog teams.
After our presentation, we were asked to wait in the lobby so they could continue their patrol meeting and still be available to meet with officers as they exited the meeting. Many of the officers took a copy of our handout as well as dog trading cards and thanked us for what our organization does. It was very moving for us to hear them thank us. We were also given documentation of the KISD evacuation plan for all of the schools in the district so we would be prepared should they need to call on us in the future. The documentation gave information of the evacuation plan already in place for the district for each school stating where students would be evacuated to based on which school was involved. KISD is very prepared for an on campus crisis or disaster. The school district was also very impressed that all our teams have criminal background checks so no time is wasted at the time of a crisis or disaster.

Agency: Katy Independent School District Police Department

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